Wanted – Second Hand Goat Trailer

16 January, 2016

I had to load a very smelly, sweaty Old Goat into by beautiful Opel Mokka this morning. I was seconding him on his 21 km marathon pace training run this morning and I could hardly make him walk home.  I clearly need some sort of open trailer and a tow hitch.

We have a lovely route that runs from home to SaamLoop Sale Yards and it is exactly 21.1 km – a half marathon run along beautiful, quiet country roads. Obviously I had to take my camera and snap a few shots in between providing said Old Goat with refreshments.

I also found some gorgeous ruins of a farm house that I’ve earmarked for a future photo shoot. I always feel sad for these old houses that can tell so many stories but at the same time they make for fascinating photography.

Tomorrow it’s the ladies turn to do their marathon pace 21 km and the OG will be seconding us. I hope this doesn’t prompt any remarks about trailers for old cows!


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