Tour de Old Goat

18 February, 2020

poster the ride the karoo

This year we will not attempt 100 miles of cycling - we need to make time to deal with all those chops and bottles of wine. We have entered the 50-miler though and I’m sure with the koeksusters, vetkoek and condensed milk coffee we will positively fly along. Not my normal fuelling strategy but then when in Rome…

The Old Goat and I had a fabulous 60km training ride this last weekend in 30 degree heat - with two coffee and snack stops just to practice drinking coffee and snacking! Despite the fact that many of our rides have been rained out over the three month build up I am pretty sure we are ready for the Karoo, heat and all. It will be an epic road trip to one of my favourite places with a lekker ride thrown in!

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