Tis the Season

23 December, 2015

This is my Christmas post – Season’s greetings from the back of the pack!

I wanted to use a picture of me holding a cute sausage dog wearing a Christmas hat but you have to work with what you’ve got! I have a semi-sausage dog who scoffs at hats. She is normally to be found in the nearby forest hunting big game. Or supervising the Old Goat while he drives around.

So here’s wishing all fellow runners a very festive break and to those who are with me at the back of the pack, here’s to smashing numerous sub-5 marathons in 2016!

I did 10 km of  speed work this morning that was worthy of at least a half dozen mince pies but I read somewhere that for every kilogram of weight we lose we get three minutes quicker over the marathon distance. So I have to either lose 11 kgs or, alternatively, train harder. I’m guessing it’s going to have to be the latter!



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