Time Out – Letaba & Olifants River

9 August, 2018

I know this is a running blog but everyone needs time out and I am particularly happy when I can combine Kruger Park, photography and a smidgeon of running when we go on holiday.

This is Letaba in the early morning. We weren’t the only ones donning our running shoes and careering around the perimeter of the camp for our daily six kays. There are crazy runners everywhere!

It was in this camp that the Old Goat rushed out to deal with a noise in the night only to find a honey badger on our stoep looking for a midnight snack. Unfortunately my reactions weren’t quite as quick (or is my self-preservation instinct better?) and I didn’t catch the badger on camera. Apparently he (the badger) was so shocked at being confronted by an old goat in his underwear that he skedaddled pretty quick.

Letaba is situated right on the Olifants River where we often saw ellies coming down for a drink and hippos hippo-ing around.


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