Three Cranes Countdown

20 February, 2019

Only 48 hours until the 2019 Three Cranes Challenge kicks off.

My chassis is strong and as well-aligned as it will ever be, I have run the kilometres and my bags are packed.

But I am a tad nervous. Not for the distance because I have done a 50-miler, but this is somewhat different. I have seen the pictures of previous events. Here are trail snakes doing their thing – poles are flying and legs are leaping. But they all look so freaking happy. How am I going to get that look going after sleeping on the ground in a possibly wet tent? Not once but three times in a row?

And the Old Goat has made it extremely clear that there will be NO in-tent coffee service. What? I have to get out of said wet tent and stumble around in the dark looking for my own coffee. Talk about hardcore.

And then there is the question of necessary ablutions before 6am. In a crowded bathroom. Under pressure. Without a leisurely cup of coffee in bed. And this also has to be accomplished three mornings in a row. I am no stranger to the old bush-poo and I have done enough squats in the gym to enable me to accomplish this without falling over, but I would prefer not to employ this trick in crowded territory.

A lot of scary stuff out there this weekend – I must stuff an extra bottle of wine in may bag.

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