Three Cranes Countdown

14 February, 2019

The countdown to any big running event always includes an obsession with the weather. YR only goes as far as Saturday 23rd but so far so good for the 2019 running of the Three Cranes.

My biggest fear is lightning. I ran through hours of lightning and thunder at the Karkloof 50 but I’m not sure if I can do it again, especially after hearing the story of two hikers that were struck on Sani Pass – far too close to home. I’m not sure if it’s urban legend or not but the story goes that the lightning entered the one hiker through the head and exited through the bum. And he didn’t die – can you imagine the trauma? I want to be in control of what exits through that particular orifice.

My second biggest fear is snakes – it is peak snake season. But I have a plan. The Old Goat will run just ahead of me at all times. Like the traditional African leaders have praise singers that go before them, I will have a snake slayer.

My snake slayer has a sore knee at the moment but that is probably a good thing. It means he won’t be able to go too far ahead and neglect his snake duties. I hear there is a leopard as well – I will be plumping up my snake slayer just in case.

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