The Magic…

18 May, 2015

I hate to admit it because I find it excrutiatingly hard to do, but speed work is where the magic happens.  I’m into the third month of my new program (Mo Van Rensburg of Soul Running) and I’m starting to feel the difference.  I don’t always hit the right paces (it’s extra hard on the dirt road) but I’m finding it a little bit easier every time I go out.

Mo’s approach to training is more  specific intensity and less volume.  His workouts are very varied – I always look forward to looking up the following week!

But the whole point of this blog post is why is the magic in the speed work?  I don’t know but what I do know is that when I went out for my 1:45 easy yesterday, after a hectic week of workouts, it was just that – easy!   What a pleasure.  So now, in order to have fabulous, relaxed long runs, I need to beat down that little devil that sits on my shoulder and whispers “have a little walk” and “it doesn’t matter if you go a bit slower” and really give that speed work my all!

And, because I  just cannot have a post without a picture, here is Danger Potholes the Sausage Dog waiting for her mad humans to finish their long run!

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