The Joyners Take Taiwan…And other news

15 September, 2015

On Friday we will be landing, daughters in tow, in Taipei.  Apart from the excitement of a family wedding, seeing our two sons again and showing our girls Taiwan, I just love that city. It’s vibrant and colourful 24/7 – and you can enjoy all that without being mugged!

And I can cycle again. So exhilarating nipping in and out of the traffic and pedestrians, no helmet required. That’s living on the edge for an old goat right there! Not to mention the night life – sleeping seems to be done from 2am to 8am.


But this is a running blog, so herewith my running news….

Doing 100 metre sprints ( I use that word loosely) twice in one week seems to have done my running a world of good – I managed to take 13 minutes off my previous 21.1km time this last Sunday. I left my Garmin at home by mistake and just ran, water table to water table, and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe my OG is right – when I run the marathon I should leave off the watch and just run, trying to keep him in my sights. We’ll see. If he sprouts too much positivity while I’m sore, there’ll be violence on the course.

I’m taking my running shoes to Taiwan and look forward to some speed work on the running tracks that they so thoughtfully provide in their parks.

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