The Bear

30 March, 2015


I have just done the hardest speed work session I have ever attempted.   I won’t go into detail because I’m sure a lot of you fast runners would chuckle and say “ag shame”!   But rest assured that my lungs nearly exploded, my head was pounding and I was starting to think I might be at the gates of hell itself.  It was so bad that I had to drink a half glass of Coke afterwards (rather than call an ambulance) and drinking any type of  fizzy drink, or even fruit juice for that matter, is totally against my principals.   Forgive me Prof Noakes, for I have sinned.

But I did it.   And that brings me to the bear of my title.


I saw this picture when reading a post on “Breathe Through This” by Jean-Paul Bedard.   I’ve saved it as my desktop background on my PC at work because every time I look at it, I feel inspired.   I see the bear as representing fear and self-doubt, and I see the child conquering fear and self-doubt.   I want to be that child.

It also makes me think of the author of “Breathe Through This”,  a truly inspirational person.   He turned to endurance running to help him battle addiction to drugs and alcohol – please read about him here.  He writes beautifully.

So while my head was preparing to explode during my session this evening, I thought of the bear.  I can conquer this, I just need to hang in there.  I musn’t let fear and self-doubt take the day.   Roll on the next speed work session.

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