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22 March, 2019

Okay, so Sunday’s marathon was not great – I wanted 5:26 and I got 5:52. In my defence, it was scorching hot and all those that take longer than 4 hours to run a marathon had no water at the water tables and very little Coke. Enough said – it was a lesson in vasbyt, which never goes amiss.

For the next three months I am going to run when and how I want and cycle whenever I get a chance – a rock and roll season if you will. I need to mentally relax before we start training for the Karkloof 50-miler which is in September.

My squeaky clean Blue Beast….

I have also discovered that playing in the mud puddles on a mountain bike does not end when you get off the bike. There is bike washing that must be done. What the hell! This is a big job. It adds at least 45 minutes to my workout when done properly.

There are different things to be done with different types of brushes and solvents, all at awkward angles, and in my case, the tap for the hose pipe is under a huge canopy of bushes. This entails a 10 metre bear crawl every time I need to turn the tap on and off.

Should this activity not be recognised by Garmin Connect? Should we not be uploading our bike washing to Strava? It will certainly count for a few extra calories of food on My Fitness Pal.

Equipment for my new workout….

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