Shoes, shoes, shoes

24 January, 2019

Look what I found in the latest Runners World – the PERFECT excuse to buy more running shoes!

The extract is from an article by Alex Hutchinson “The Seven Pillars of Running Wisdom” published in the February edition of Runners World, well worth reading.

He has a damn good point with the shoes, and it’s not just about having shoes to match every running outfit! Each shoe is slightly different, giving slightly different stresses to your feet every time, thereby strengthening them. The strengthening effect of trail running works the same way. Your feet are landing differently all the time, constantly switching up the muscles used.

You don’t do the same strengthening exercises over and over in the gym – there’s a huge array of them that we should switch between for maximum effect. Hutchinson points out that you wouldn’t do the same running workout over and over. We have our long slow distance, our speed intervals, our tempo runs etc which all work different systems in the body, so why not switch shoes to alleviate the constant stresses in the same place?

Certainly something to think about.

Taken from the Runners World Article

I have Hutchinson’s new book (I always buy every running book I can lay my hot sweaty paws on) but I have only just started it. You can also read more of his articles here

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