Running Blues

9 July, 2015

I nearly threw in the towel this morning.   I had a one-hour threshold pace run on the treadmill to get through.  As I started to warm up I thought “what the f*** am I doing here?   I’m probably going to be the first recorded case of  death by treadmill.   Why don’t I just run easy?   Why don’t I just read a book?”   My inner voice is soooo persuasive.   It should have been a lawyer.

It didn’t help that when I started coughing incessantly last night, not being able to bear the thought of getting through another sleep-deprived day, I took some of my precious codeine stash.   I felt like a zombie when that alarm went off this morning.   I should get some codeine-based cough syrup to take at night but I’m terrified of becoming addicted.   It would be so easy.   I would be that little old lady powering through a marathon clutching a bottle of cough syrup.   One sip per kilometre should do the trick.

And every day the OG is getting stronger and faster.   He knocked off a half marathon in 2:15 this last Sunday and then drove three hours home, unpacked and walked the dogs up the mountain.   I, on the other hand, clocked a very slow time, a whole 20 minutes off where I should be if I want to qualify for the Big C, and I had sore legs for two days!   I find his relentless progress and positivity intimidating.   I may indeed have to turn to drugs.

Anyhoo, tomorrow is another day.   Maybe I’ll feel fabulously fast…..


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