Red Sky In The Morning

18 February, 2015

This is what we would have missed if we had hit the snooze button on the alarm this morning.


Of course I had to take my camera!   My drop proof, waterproof, idiot proof Fujifilm Finepix XP200.   So handy to just grab and go when time is of the essence.

It’s the OG’s first half marathon this weekend, but we’re not really tapering – he thinks tapering is for woesies!  I still have to run all the way up the last hill, come hell or high water.   My normal excuses like tying the shoelace, blowing the nose, waiting for a car to pass – none of them work with the Hill Commander.

Joe Friel – check him out here – has just released his new book, Fast After 50, and I’m busy reading it at the moment.

Basically what he is saying is that we can’t just sink back into genteel long slow distance and bemoan the fact that we’re aging.   He advocates speedwork and the best way to do that is interval training.  Use it or lose it, is what he is saying.   So we’re using it!  Monday and today was devoted to intervals.   We go out on our road, jog slowly for 20 minutes to warm up, do 4 x 3 minutes with 1 minute recovery in between at 5km pace, and then jog back slowly for 20 minutes to cool down.   I don’t know whether our last hill qualifies as cool down stuff but who am I to argue?!

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