Pride – not always a good thing….

15 February, 2019

How I wish I had stayed on the old T-mill this morning. There I was, lying on the gravel, apologising to the running gods for being cocky. At least I remembered to pause my Garmin.

This is what happens. Every time I think to myself that I am running rather well and pain free to boot, BAM! The universe cuts me down to size by putting a rock in my way. It’s happened so many times and I never learn to a) not boast, even if it is to myself and b) watch for rocks.

I have been feeling particularly good this week. I have been working hard on strengthening, cross-training and getting all my runs in. And even though GarminConnect (a bitch of note) says that I am “maintaining” or even “unproductive” (WTF), I know for a fact that I am peaking. I started my run this morning feeling invincible. All my muscles felt good and so very strong. I could have run all day. And then came the rock.

Oh well, I guess it’s back to the Ibuprofen. And if I apologise profusely enough to the running gods, I’m sure I will heal quickly.

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