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Potato Rosti

17 April, 2019

Spot the difference! I was trying to make Swiss Rosti from leftover sweet potato, without a recipe. It did not quite pan out, so I ended up scrambling the sweet potato with some left over savoury mince. Pretty yummy anyway.

Now that I have added cycling to my life, and not given up any of my running or gym, my training feels pretty hectic. The perfect excuse to eat some healthy carbs, I think.

I don’t like to eat fruit – too high in sugar, though the odd banana can find its way into an occasional bowl of yoghurt. Potato, sweet or white, butternut and rice, usually brown, are my carbs of choice .

Here is a link to make proper Rosti (I see they spell it Roesti) – It is basically just grated parboiled potatoes fried in butter and would be an awesome addition to eggs and bacon or as a base for mince and grilled cheese.

And here is a link that adds egg to grated sweet potato to form patties that are fried

Whether you choose sweet potato or “normal” potato seems to be neither here nor there. Their carb and calorie content is very similar and each pack some important nutrients.

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