Of Camels and Coaches

25 March, 2015


When they say “take your Camel” on a trail run, this is what I take.   My Camel has two legs and is strong as an ox.  I just have to make a gasping noise and it’s there with the water.   That’s what they call organised.

My birthday present this year is an entry (me and My Camel) into the Oxpecker Trail Run, a 2-day trail run near Spioenkop on 6th and 7th June.   I have my hydration plan in place but now there is the small matter of overnighting in a tent in winter on the banks of the Tugela.   I have suggested some kick-ass sleeping bags that have been tested on Everest but no, the Old Goat says we will rough it.  I’m going to need a trailer just for the extra blankets.

In other news, we have entered the Cape Town marathon in September this year, hoping that it will be a qualifier for Comrades 2016.   As readers of this blog will know, the very mention of the word “qualifier” makes me crap myself.   So I have decided to fight fire with fire and I have signed up for personal online coaching with the Cape Town Marathon Coach, Mauritz Jansen Van Rensburg.   I’ve done the first week and I must say I love his approach – slightly different from the traditional high volume marathon training.   Time will tell, but if this doesn’t work I may have to take up bowls.   Hate those white dresses though – would bowls not be more fun if we could wear leopard print mini skirts and g-strings?



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