Mandela Day Marathon

28 August, 2014


I am so amped for this marathon on Sunday.   Not that I’m expecting anything great time wise – look at that profile!   I would just love to be able to complete it in the 6 hour time limit and clutch that medal in my hot sweaty paws!

My last marathon was a 6:09 effort – there were a few big hills but not as bad as this.   I’m going to have to dig very deep on Sunday to break that 6 hours.   The training is done, it’s all about the mind now.   My last run was this morning and I felt strong,  stronger on that specific 5 km course than I have for ages,  so that helps with the mental struggle.

The history behind this iconic marathon is all about struggle though.   We start outside the hall in Imbali where Mandela gave his last speech before he was captured and imprisoned for 27 years.   We follow the route he took (more or less) before he was finally stopped at a roadblock the other side of Howick on the 5th August 1962.   Our race finishes at the capture site.

To all the runners on Sunday – good luck and enjoy,  and while you’re struggling up those hills,  remember the triumph of a great man.

Amandla Awethu!

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