Loving LCHF….

27 July, 2014


I think I’ve just had the best LCHF brekkie ever.   In fact it could be served as a dessert.

Put 3 TBS double thick full cream yoghurt into a bowl.  Add a good dollop of cream,  a teaspoon of macadamia nut butter,  a teaspoon of xylitol and a teaspoon of honey    Stir and smoosh together.  I don’t bother to use a food processor – way too much washing up.  It’s absolutely fine stirred and smooshed.  Once the smooshiness is correct add 4 sliced strawberries and a handful of pecan nuts,  broken into bits.   Stir in and enjoy.   Absolute heaven.

I should add a couple of warnings here.   If you are addicted to sugar and one sweet treat sets you off on a rampage through the sweet aisle at the nearest shop,  please don’t eat this.    Also, if you have to be super-strict about your carbs for medical reasons,  leave out the honey and add another teaspoon of xylitol.   I have neither problem and I also do a goodly amount of exercise 6 out of 7 days in the week,  so I am not super strict about the carbs.   I NEVER eat any carbs that are refined,  processed or contain grains though – only the occasional teaspoon of honey and a little of the fruits that are mentioned on the Orange List in the Real Meal Revolution.    Otherwise,  I stick to that Green List.

I must say (again) that I have never felt better now that I have been eating the “Noakes way” for nearly 7 months.   I can’t say (yet) that my running has got any faster but my recovery from runs and my energy level are unbelievably better.  Watch this space!

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