Letter to Running

17 December, 2016

Dear Running,

I just want you to know that you are 100 percent my one and only.

Yes, it is true that I have been flirting with Cycling, and it is fabulous to feel the wind in my hair (I never manage to run that fast). And, no, I don’t wear a helmet. I reckon that if I can survive cycling helmet-less through the traffic in Taipei City, I won’t be killing myself on the quiet country roads. I also believe in going downhill with all available braking mechanisms engaged.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, Running, that you are the only one that can get those endorphins going and I actually miss that dull ache in my legs after a good long run. I apologise profusely for my sluttish ways, but these flirtations will be fleeting. I will also not be buying those contraptions that attach your feet to the pedals so that you can fall off at traffic lights in a spectacular fashion – that would just be showy.

Hope to get back to you soon  xxx

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