Keep Running Happy

20 November, 2019

This run was such a happy run, as evidenced by my huge grin and exploding hair.

a group of four runners on a hillside

I need to remind myself often that “Run Happy” is not just the name of my blog but should also be both the goal and the method of my training.

I actually have many training goals but first and foremost is the goal of remaining in top form for as long as I can. Mostly so that my children don’t push me off a cliff or into an ant bear hole.

My other goal is to always be ready for a half marathon or a 50 km gravel grind on the bike. I don’t have to win them but I need to be able to enter and enjoy them at the drop of a hat. Or should I say the drop of a running shoe.

I can’t say the same for swimming – our triathlon career has gotten no further than acquiring a full cozzie that doesn’t fall off when I dive.

But always lurking at the back of my mind is that damn elusive Comrades. This year it is on my birthday and, yes, I am that mad. I would rather run 90 km for a piddly-sized medal than lounge around drinking champagne and eating cake. But the question is, will I be Running Happy if I’m busting a gut trying to qualify? I really don’t know the answer.

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