Icing an Injury

16 June, 2017

The first screenshot is my Spar Ladies Race. Not quite what Coach Mo prescribed. The first 6 kays were great – I was bowling along at 6:15 minutes per kay which IS what he prescribed but then suddenly I lost focus near a water table, stepped wrong and TWANG went a muscle in my glute/hip. The following 4 kays were much slower and a bit painful.


Anyway, the medical peeps always say ice an injury so this morning I took my glute/hip muscle for a whirl in minus 5 degrees. And if that is not icing an injury then I don’t know……It didn’t really work – shock, horror, what are these people talking about? Sorry Coach Mo – my speed work has come to an abrupt halt.

What I did manage though is 6 kays without walking once (including the dreaded PawPaw Hill) and the average pace wasn’t that bad for an injured tortoise!


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