Frosty mornings….

7 May, 2015


Such a beautiful morning but what a frost!   Winter training can be very tricky to say the least.   The part that involves getting out of bed and into your gear, that is.   Once you’re out there, wow – stunning views, crisp air, what more can I say?

We’re off to the Cavanagh run near Estcourt this weekend.   There’s a 52km and a 21.1km on offer and we’re going to give the 21 a whirl.   I’ve done the 52km Cavanagh in the past – tough and hilly but very beautiful.   Run mostly on dirt roads with a little bit of trail thrown in at about 44km – this nearly rendered me hysterical on my first time.   What?  Lift my legs higher?   Dodge cow poo?  At 44km?  Surely they were kidding.  But this bit of trail actually takes you down to below the dam wall where the water from Wagendrift Dam literally thunders down – awesome and worth the hysteria.   I’m really hoping the 21km takes us there as well.   And of course with my cool new Brooks Cascadia I’m ready for anything.

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