Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

31 August, 2020

The old saying is true. Every cloud does have a silver lining. It’s just that sometimes you have to search damn hard for it.

I have identified two silver linings on two different clouds lately. How’s that? Only one more for a hat trick.

My first bit of good luck was dislocating my coccyx. What? Yes seriously. I would never have gone for an MRI and discovered stuff about my shitty running biomechanics if that hadn’t happened.

As a school child I was very nerdy. I was the one sitting in the library trying to figure out why the hell x could not equal y while the others were at athletics, learning how to sprint properly and, God forbid, clear a hurdle. I am athletically challenged to say the least.

So I just love researching and discovering new stuff and with the help of my beloved physio it can only make me a better runner, or at least one without a sore back. She has given me cues to reverse old habits and I need to practice, practice, practice! And, of course, do my strength workouts, mobility, stretching and running drills on

My second bit of good luck was the Old Goat firing our twice-weekly domestic worker - a long and nasty story best left untold. I have now discovered that if you do a 90 minute to 2-hour long run and then spend the rest of the morning doing housework, you have done the equivalent of six hours time on the feet - a long slow marathon at least! It’s a bonus!

I’ve also discovered that my Old Goat is very good at housework and joins me in the long slow six hours. It’s a good reason to keep him around for a while longer and I may also get him back to Comrades. He may decide that it’s a piece of cake after many moons of Sundays spent on his feet!

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