Dear Coach

4 July, 2018

A Rudimentary Map of a Journey into Madness

Dear Coach,

Week 4 down and week 5 almost finished. Only slightly more than 11 weeks to go until the 50-miler. Oh my word.

This is what I have to report this week:

Last Monday I managed a 5km PR. It was on tar at the coast and not on our normal dirt road but I haven’t done 35:35 for one hell of a long time so that was exciting.

My other small victory is being able to go for 6km on the t-mill without taking a walk break. I can do it on the road as well if you leave out the hills. This is key to cutting down my times I hope.

My Old Goat is still languishing around with his post-Comrades sore knee. He is very stubborn about getting professional help but Dr Google and I have diagnosed it as ITB. He is also too stubborn to build up slowly with the run/walk method so he’s on his own here.

The problem is that he has also entered the 50-miler. He needs to be able to trot along next to me looking out for snakes and mountain leopards and disposing of same in a suitable manner. He also needs to make sure I don’t end up in another province altogether.

Mind you he can probably walk 50 miles in the same time that I run/walk it so maybe no need to panic. Not yet anyway.

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