Dear Coach

22 June, 2018

Dear Coach,

IS is a running term albeit a lesser known one. IS stands for Inner Sloth, something that us back of the packers often battle with. I definitely have an Inner Sloth. She hates any kind of stress, mental or physical, and does not understand that one has to physically stress one’s body to get stronger.


I have eventually persuaded my Inner Sloth that gorging on snacks and Netflix is not the way forward, but she still likes to walk better than she likes to run. She cannot understand why Comrades is not a two day stage race. Good Lord, the thought of doing 90km in one day makes my Inner Sloth reach for the Rescue Remedy.


Anyway Coach I am KLAPPING my Inner Sloth. Yesterday I did my 6km Easy with 4 x 1 minute T-Pace and I only allowed her ONE WALK halfway. On Tuesday I did an 8km with 2km of M-pace and 2km of T-pace included and I totally ignored her. 

2 x 12km back to back on hilly trails was quite a way to kick off my trail season but we’ll chat about that another time – needless to say my Inner Sloth is fond of trails because there are some hills so steep that I cannot run!

Cheers for now Coach!

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