Dear Coach

23 June, 2018

Dear Coach,

When I first got onto Strava I thought “Good God this is embarrassing – almost everyone I know goes like a bat out of hell, whether they run or cycle. None of them seem to have an Inner Sloth.

Now that I have been on Strava for a while I am changing my thinking. It is actually a brilliant tool – especially if you subscribe to the premium version and get heart rate and pace analysis. But the best part is when Strava is impressed  like this:

Last Saturday’s Trail Run Rietfontein Mountain

When Strava is impressed by my performance I am ridiculously proud – like a kid with a gold star.

And while I am running and my Inner Sloth starts getting out of hand I think to myself “What would Strava say?” and I klap that Inner Sloth.

Onwards and Upwards Coach!

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