Dear Coach #3

3 August, 2019

me crossing the finish line of the 1000 hills just ahead of the Old Goat

Check this out Coach - I am actually crossing the line in front of the Old Goat! This was at last weekend’s 1000 Hills Challenge. I think he was still in shock from his puff adder incident, though.

I am not sure if you know this, but a puff adder, when it is angry, makes a noise very much like someone breathing out hard. My Old Goat knows what they sound like as he and Oscar the Brave have had a few run ins with said adders.

Well, there the Old Goat is, trotting along the trail, sans hearing aid, lost in his own thoughts, when suddenly he hears a puff adder right next to his shoulder. He gets a hell of a fright and, without stopping to think how the snake would have got as high as his shoulder, whips around with his trekking pole ready to beat the creature to a pulp.

Imagine his shock when he finds the “puff adder” is actually one of the leading ladies in the longer race. Imagine her shock - I’m sure she ran faster after that and definitely took a podium position.

This weekend I have a 18 km trail race. I'm leaving the Old Goat at home. I can't risk him being arrested for assault only 7 weeks out from our 50-miler.

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