Dear Coach

25 September, 2018

Dear Coach,

I did it – 84 km of trail. I loved it, I hated it, I laughed, I cried, I cursed. I ran through sunshine, lightning, thunder, mist, mud and hail. I fell more than once and faced old demons. But I did it – and I wouldn’t swop the experience for anything.

But while we are all basking in our little bubbles of glory, let us not forget the pacers – they are the unsung heroes. As 50-milers we did not qualify for pacers but our two daughters needed pacers on their 100-mile journey. To be a pacer you need to be a strong runner, you need excellent mental strength, endless patience and the ability to stay calm no matter what. Hats off to all the pacers, but most of all to my two sons-in-law. You surely proved your physical and mental strength bringing our two girls through the last 16 kays of 160,  the very darkest of hours, literally and figuratively. I salute you.

Here’s to next year at Karkloof!

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