Dear Coach

7 June, 2018

I am my own coach and therefore accountable to myself, so here goes. This is me reporting to me.

Dear Coach,

I am now ten days into the program to produce a new, improved me. A me that does not fear speed, pain, hills or anything else (except for snakes obviously). A me that will build her LSD in a calculated manner, culminating in an 80 kilometre trail fest in September. Or suffer fest if we are honest. Not to worry, the new me will embrace the suffering.

I am using the 10 percent rule with my mileage, the sensible rule – never increase kilometres more than 10 percent per week. No rushing out and doing a marathon just because it’s there. I kicked this off with 25 kays for the week and I hope to peak in early September at 70 kays per week. My long suffering hammy/glute is happy with this. So is the chiropractor who is treating the problem.

I am remembering to slap THE LOOK on my face when I feel like giving up and  I am remembering to embrace pain and push some more. And so far I have not slidden comatose off the back of the treadmill so things are looking good.

This Sunday I’ll be seconding at Comrades, the ultimate suffer fest. Hopefully I will absorb some of the hardcore-ness whilst doing my bit for a race that I love. Best wishes to all those that are brave enough (lucky enough?) to be running – give it everything!

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