Broccoli, snow and long runs…

26 July, 2015

When we got back from our long run this morning it appeared that someone had eaten a fresh head of broccoli on our bed.   I’m not mentioning any names or pointing fingers, but nor am I posting the attached picture for nothing!

The question is why would a dog walk all the way round to the veggie garden in the freezing cold to pluck a fresh head of broccoli when we have countless shoes and other delectable objects lying around the house?   Has he decided to “eat clean and train mean”?   Is he taking rest and recovery to a new level?   Apparently broccoli is full of antioxidants and other fabulous stuff that keeps the bod running smoothly, but who would have thought that this particular snippet of information would matter to said dog?

Anyway, I digress.   Our qualifying marathon is peeping over the horizon – only 14 weeks to become lean, mean and fast – so we now need to take the Sunday long run seriously.   This weekend though it was touch and go whether we would be able to run outside at all.   Relentless rain, sleet and even some snow made doing 2 hours and 45 minutes on the treadmill a very real possibility.   I spent days stressing about how I would prevent madness taking hold.   This morning, though, the weather gods and the running gods conspired to give us a long road run and, even though the head wind was freezing and locating my toes was difficult, I was just so grateful that I wasn’t on the treadmill for what to me is an obscene amount of time.


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