Au Revoir!

21 October, 2016

Solo 20km run done and dusted. Au Revoir my beloved country roads – until November! I’m going to be doing some big city running in Taiwan and, of course, my annual cycling spree. U-bike I hope you are ready for me!

Back to my country run. It was eventful in that I learnt two things. First of all the little grey buck that live here have a high-pitched bark in mating season. They sound like a bunch of pissed-off Pekinese. But each to his own……

Secondly I learnt that I must always keep my eyes on the road ahead. I was fabulously zoned out, thinking how beautiful all the summer sounds and smells are, when I literally tripped over an enormously fat snake with a bright orange under-carriage. I screamed so loud that I’m surprised the emergency services in Cedarville didn’t pitch up. The snake, understandably, was rather angry, and whipped around and tried to bite me. Luckily, fuelled by pure adrenalin and screaming like a banshee, I managed to leap over it and put in 100 metres at a speed that would have made Usain Bolt proud.

So, all in all, I was pretty hard core this morning. I even had to carry my own CamelBak!

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