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A Bum Situation Continues...

7 July, 2020

a turlte with tears in its eyes next to the Comrades logo

My chassis is skew and my coccyx is dislocated, probably due to a fracture. My tail is pointing the wrong way - am I destined to run around in small circles, like a boat with its rudder stuck in the wrong position? Maybe my future lies in circuit races!

To recap - I fell on my unpadded arse and after 10 days of pain went for an x-ray. This led to 10 days of no exercise (well very little - I may have done the odd plank) and much frustration.

Towards the end of last week the pain started subsiding and I am now ready to do a bit of running and spinning.

But the drama does not appear to be over. They found evidence of a “lesion” on the left side of my sacral bones. I am all for letting sleeping lesions lie but the doctor thinks otherwise and has asked me to go for an MRI - WTF! I must lie in a dark cylinder while huge magnetic forces do unspeakable things to my protons. Scary.

The fact that all the shit seems to be on the left hand side, and my lumbar spine is skewed to the left, makes sense. It is always my left leg that gets injured and when I cycle I usually get a horrible spasm in my lower back on the left side.

On a positive note, I have tried a little run and a little cycle and it does not hurt the offending coccyx, which it did in the beginning. I am still scared to add a bit of speed work so I’ll leave that for another week.

This week also sees my PPPP’s first run since giving birth 6 weeks ago. Very exciting - it’s her first step on the path back to Comrades glory and I wish her the very best. Hopefully I’ll be able to share her report later this week.

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