30 Kilometres!

12 November, 2016

30 km through the hills from hell – done and dusted. If my gluteus maximus isn’t bigger and stronger after this then I need to take up bowls, or maybe croquet.

Mel, our driver, giving our Racing Snake aka “The Cockatiel” a pep talk while the Baboon Whisperer looks on!

I forgot to put on my magic bracelet when we left this morning, the one that I can lasso a wild pig with, so I was quite bummed about that. It’s handy for strangling baboons in those mountains. Luckily I had my Baboon Whisperer with me aka the Old Goat. He promised to stick with me through hell and high water and we almost had both – the sky was black, the wind howled and the thunder rumbled and I have to admit to being pretty hysterical at times.

He also acted as Snake Removal Unit and Lightning Conductor – he’s such a handy Old Goat.

But back to the bracelets. They are made to raise funds for our Matat 100 Miles For The Aged Campaign and Fred now has a new type in stock. They are thicker with a rather fancy metal fastening and he can swing his weight from the ceiling on these beasts -124 kg! Obviously I have ordered one because the way things are going I may have to abseil down a cliff. Mine will be in Phat Girl pink and it glows in the dark – it’s important to glow in the dark when abseiling. They also come in Orange Mud orange and white.

At last, a downhill! Check those black skies!

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