Up Close and Personal in Nambithi

4 February, 2017

Blackie, King of Nambithi, ladies man of note, checking us out. I could have stroked his mane he was so close.

We drove around the corner and there this ellie was – checking us out from close quarters!

This bull elephant was in musth and definitely too close for comfort. I did feel sorry for the old guy though – so much testosterone and all on his own!

The kudu of Nambithi greet you on your way in and are there to see you off when you leave – beautiful creatures.

I never tire of watching the giraffe. So serene, so graceful.

I had to add this guy even though I’m not that excited about the   buffalo. Cows with a headdress basically. And their eyes are always half closed. I suspect they are on some sort of drug in between their outbursts of aggression.

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