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Ultra a la Goat

24 March, 2020

race poster for virtual marathon event

My daughter in the UK mentioned that she would be doing a virtual ultra organised by a South African club. My talent in the Google department was immediately employed, the race found, entered and I have even gotten my Old Goat onto Strava which is how they will verify the results.

Entrants have from the 30th March to the 5th of April, midnight, to complete the 48 km. Once your results are verified, the club will post you a medal, and even a T-shirt if you pay the extra.

My Old Goat and I have decided not to break the distance up but to do the full ultra on 5th April, which is when we were meant to be doing a marathon.

We will start at 6 am and go at my LSD pace which is anything from 8 minutes per kay to 9 minutes per kay. It will take seven hours, leaving from home and doing a big loop around our country roads. It will incorporate a huge amount of heat training and vasbyt training - both are important.

And the Old Goat will run about half a kilometre ahead of me at all times. Not because he has the virus, but because he needs to deal with marauding cows, snakes, jackals and any other wildlife that may be exercising their rights to do an ultra on these roads. I also need to practise Goat distancing because if I hear him say that a hill is not a hill he may not make it home again.

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