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Times are Tough

23 July, 2020

a very weird sketch about the author's wine fantasy

I’ve just heard a helicopter outside. Quick, quick, get out there, Old Goat! It may be the government dropping boxes of wine for the needy, ahead of elections.

Such is the level of my anxiety. I may be an alcoholic, clinically speaking. Would I be able to get a doctors prescription?

I don’t drink that much actually, but the wonderful feeling of winding down at the end of the day with a glass (maybe two) of red wine is something I cannot contemplate going without. I’m pretty sure it prevents goaticide.

Anyway, enough of that - this is essentially a running blog, another thing that keeps me sane in this mad world of ours.

I’m back up to speed (so to speak) with my speed workouts, trying to get those lazy fast-twitch muscle fibres to fire.

And I have a new toy. I have signed up for Dynamic Runner, concentrating mostly on stretching and mobility work (Thank you Gail!) and I am loving it.

I don’t think I should gooi big weights at gym with my cracked chassis so this is a perfect fit for me. There is a new routine of about 15 minutes for every day and then some runner specific strength work three times a week, no large weights required.

You can check them out here The only drawback for us poor wine-starved South Africans with our weak Rand is that the fee is in US dollars.

I see my Comrades project partner is flying around her neighbourhood, this morning clutching a loaf of bread. No, it is not the latest in sports nutrition but she thought she would combine buying bread with a run. How a person cracks 5:48 minutes per kay whilst clutching said loaf is beyond me.

Onwards and upwards people, stay safe and sane!

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