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The Magic of Walking

21 September, 2017

I have an obsessive/addictive personality which, to avoid addiction to cigars and good whiskey, I channel into my running. This is why when staring down the prospect of 6 weeks plus of no running I was terrified of slipping into a nice little affair with my couch, junk food and bad attitude on the side.  It’s all or nothing either way.

I was saved by my fitness tracker with which I am now having a torrid but healthy affair. All the major health bodies throughout the world set 10 000 steps per day as a standard for good health. I decided, using my fitness tracker, to count my steps and, from five days post-op I was up to the pre-requisite 10 000. Last week I clocked just under 120 000 steps – I just love challenging myself!

I need to share what I have learnt.

Firstly, walking is what we were evolved to do – anyone who is lucky enough to have the use of both legs can do it. If you track steps as opposed to speed or distance, it does not matter how slow you are or where you walk – it includes all your movement, walking around the mall, at the office, putting out the washing, as long as you are moving. You progress at entirely your own pace.

Secondly, if you already exercise, lets say for 45 minutes to an hour a day, running or at the gym, and then you are sedentary for the rest of the day, you are probably under your 10 000 steps. When you are tracking steps, you actually need to move more and I have found that this alone makes me feel great. I sleep better, I’m sharper throughout the day mentally, and my energy level is going to bust out the top of my head! I’ve also shed over a kg without changing anything else in my life so walking 10 000 steps or more per day is definitely a good fat-burning activity.

Fitness trackers start out at R600 (it has everything you need) and there is something to suit everyone (those Fitbits with their gorgeous bracelet-look make me drool) – check them out at Sportsmans Warehouse.

I implore you, if you have two good legs offer up a prayer of thanks and get walking! Count those steps!

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