The GABI Run

8 July, 2021

preparing for a night-time run in winter

Any runner who has been within sniffing distance of a running programme, or a certain runners’ magazine, will know that there are different types of run that one should employ to reach one’s goals (remember goals? they were awesome things).

There is the LSD, or long slow distance, there is the tempo run, the steady state run, hill repeats and good old speed intervals. There is even the “easy” run - a misnomer if ever I heard one.

Well, I am extremely proud to announce that I have now added a new run that you can use in your repertoire - the GABI run. In full, the “Grin And Bear It” run.

This GABI run can be employed in so many situations and for any distance from five kays to 500 kays, depending on your level of insanity.

It can be used in sub-zero temperatures, when you are fairly certain that your fingers will drop off and be eaten by roaming wolves. It can be used in a desert race where the temperature could reach 50 degrees C. It can be used by people who are injured but too stubborn to rest. It is indeed the most versatile tool in your running toolbox.

What pace should it be done at, I hear you ask. That is simple. No need for any fancy calculations, spreadsheets or wearable tech. It will be the pace that you can hold without dying before the end of the distance you are required to cover.

And the recovery required? That is also simple. Forget ice baths, special stretches and protein shakes. If it is not yet wine time, then grab as much coffee as you can, without letting your eyeballs pop out. If you are within striking distance of a fancy coffee, then all the better.

The GABI run is especially useful in what our dear politicians call “these difficult times” when every possible goal race is snatched away at the last minute and you don’t know what the f*&% you are running for. You know that you are hell of a lucky to be able to run and that you should be getting out there but the mind and the body are weak.

Just get out there and do a GABI run - you’ll be glad you did, once you’re sipping that coffee, of course!

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