Thank You Snoopy!

8 June, 2019

Snoopy does a balancing act on the roof of his kennel

Comrades Marathon is everywhere. In the face of all the hype surrounding the annual running pilgrimage my old Labrador hips have ground to a halt. It’s hard to accept. Even though I haven’t cracked the nod for the great race, it would have been nice to buy myself a new pair of road shoes and go for a little trot, to soothe the soul.

One of my knowledgable offspring has diagnosed overtraining and forbidden me to run for two weeks. I’m surprised I didn’t recognise the signs myself. Me and my body - we don’t communicate well.

The signs of overtraining are actually very easy to spot - irritability, tearfulness, continuous aches and pains and poor training results are the biggies. I cannot remember when I last took a rest day, but I took one yesterday and am already feeling better. Of course that could be because it’s weekend, but I will give this rest thing a good go.

I will think about balance, like Charles Schulz’s Snoopy. He is always a source of inspiration, amusement and lots of other warm, fuzzy stuff.

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