Sunday Running

12 October, 2014


Sunday running at it’s best…

There is nothing better than sharing a chilled Sunday run with a favourite running partner – and today that running partner was a sausage dog by the name of Danger Potholes (don’t ask!).

Potholes (for short) is not quite as famous as Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund but she is an athletic princess who luckily found time for me this morning in between hunting buck and/or jackals and/or rabbits in the nearby forest.

Our country road was traffic-free and the surroundings were sparkling fresh after last night’s storm – beautiful.  As you can see Potholes is slightly faster than me, but easily distracted:

Mmmmm…definitely the scent of a killer fox…

I have to keep reminding her that we are not hunting small animals in the grass.

Patiently posing…

Of course we need to stop for the odd photo shoot so that the general public can admire her cuteness:

Also, being an already accomplished front-of-pack hunter and ultra runner, she does not need to train quite as hard as I do (I, of course am firmly at the back of the pack!) and she will often take a little break, either holding the fort for the photographer………

I do love the comfort of an Isuzu Crew Cab…

……or cheering me on:

Come on LowlyJ, move it!

As with all athletic celebrities, fans can get very close, and then Potholes will assume the role of Chief of Security.

Our spectators lining the road…


Get back you beasts!










All in all, a wonderful run.   This is what Sunday running is all about – forget the time, the number of kilometres and average pace.  Enjoy the scenery – and of course the awesome company!   Here’s to many more hours on the wide open country roads.

Till next Sunday!



















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