10 July, 2015

Let me introduce my Emergency Love-Your-Treadmill Kit –  refer the attached pic, no explanation needed.

It’s absolutely amazing what a little bit of sleep and some good tunes can do.   This morning I ADORED my treadmill.

Old-school runners (possibly those still wearing poly shorts and a race shirt from the ’80’s) will sneer at those that run with music.   And I have also been known to think that it is more important to concentrate on form and pace and EMBRACING THAT PAIN than it is to listen to music but maybe I’m wrong.  I definitely found that the music drowned out my evil inner voice and it relaxed me.   I found myself no longer worrying about imminent explosions, either of the treadmill or of my head.   I even started imagining myself gliding along in the fashion of a golden, pony-tailed and firm-buttocked teenager, wearing teeny tiny shorts.   That of course may be due to the codeine.

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