Running with a camera….

24 June, 2014

Not always a good idea if you’re going for time!  Once I see something I want to photograph I’m hooked!  But for long slow training runs (i.e. most of my running at the moment) and when you live in a beautiful country like South Africa, it’s pretty cool.

I have my “good camera” plus lenses, tripod etc for when I’m going out for a specific reason – mostly landscapes – I just ADORE landscapes!   At the moment I’m putting together a collection of landscapes I’ve taken so that I can have them put onto canvas – there’ll be no shortage of artwork on the walls of our house!

But I digress.  If I were to carry said “good camera” plus lenses etc while running I would surely dislocate something…..But, living in the country, I often see amazing scenery and wish I could just snap a shot.

So now I am the proud owner of a Fujifilm Finepix XP200 – it’s small, waterproof (think river crossings!) and shockproof.  Yesterday I tucked it into my Camelbak and took it for it’s first outing.  There was nothing too spectacular yesterday – I’m not winning any National Geographic prizes here – but it was good fun to stop and take a couple of snaps.

We have some stunningly beautiful trail runs in our country and I can’t wait to take my XP200 along!

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