Running Heaven

22 February, 2016

We live in running heaven – this is our road to Comrades (hopefully!)

But despite my beautiful surroundings I still need to come up with little strategies for catching a rest. That’s what happens when you run with a tough Old Goat – I think I’m renaming him Yster-Bok – there’s no sympathy for the little devil on my shoulder that needs a rest from time to time.

Here is my new strategy, beautifully and gracefully executed yesterday. Run along until you find a rock sticking up out of the road. Smile and comment on what a fabulous run you’re having but cunningly catch your foot on the rock. You will then face-plant in a dramatic fashion. Here you have to make sure you don’t break your wrist and at the same time protect your precious pre-marathon legs. There will be much gasping from fellow runners and they will try and help you up. This is when you say, in your very weakest voice, “Just give me a minute”. To buy more time you can let a tear roll down your cheek.

And there you have it. Far more effective than the old “Let me just tie my shoe lace” trick.

Don’t expect sympathy from cattle though. They will continue to graze nonchalantly whilst hogging all the shade.




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