RIP Trusty T-Mill – Welcome New Beast!

18 December, 2017


My old treadmill, trusty friend of many, many kilometres, has blown a circuit in it’s brain. I don’t blame it – it had to put up with the Old Goat pounding away on it at about 200 kilometres per hour. And all that Goat sweat…..

Anyway, Father Christmas has risen to the sad occasion by stuffing a new treadmill down my chimney – just in time for a week of rain! Thank you FC, I am more than grateful.

I hopped on the New Beast this morning, ready to rock and roll with a bit of speed work. Oh my word, the Beast is EVIL. For starters, the zero incline feels like incline 1 or 2 on my old T-Mill, which made marathon pace feel like a lung-bursting effort. Secondly, this Beast is shorter, which means I have to FOCUS or else I will fall off the back and the dogs will roll around laughing. No more daydreaming and “forgetting” to take the speed or incline up a notch.

Now that I think about it, the New Beast and the Old Goat are probably in cahoots to make me work harder at my fitness and speed. So be it – I will show them what I am made of.

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