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2 October, 2016

I am so excited about life right now. My Banting ladies inspire me to try new things and to keep researching. I have become quite the domestic goddess in my quest to maximise nutrition and taste at the same time, and I feel like my energy is bubbling over!

And the most exciting thing of all? My Old Goat has been inspired to Bant by two of the group husbands who are feeling the benefits!

And I’ve entered Comrades. Yup I’ve done it! That elusive medal is always at the back of my mind!

After watching “Fixing Dad” and seeing the courage displayed by someone who was badly diabetic, and in danger of having his feet amputated, turn his life around with the right nutrition and exercise, and go on to complete a 160km cycle race in the worst imaginable weather conditions, was truly inspiring.

Anyone who needs  bit of inspiration health-wise should watch this one hour movie – click here for the link – I really recommend it.

I have a new tool for working on the mental side of defeating the 90 km between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. No it’s not a stait jacket!

I am a pass master at talking myself down when it comes to physical goals. I have perfected every trick in the book for taking a little breather when I feel things are getting tough. But NO MORE OF THAT!

I have bought myself a blank journal and a nice pen (I’m a sucker for new stationery – any excuse!) and I am writing a Positivity Journal. Every day I must write about the little victories that I have celebrated that day. For example, running uphill for 9 minutes straight without thinking about walking, or nailing the required pace for a specific workout. Under that I have to write about what I am grateful for that particular day.

I can actually feel this working. When I go out for my run I’m already thinking about the victory that I want to celebrate in my journal – it completely overrides any negativity.

And you don’t have to be a runner to use this tool. You may be someone that needs to start taking a little walk every day. Or someone that needs to break a sugar addiction. Your goal can be huge or it can be small – just have a goal and be positive about it!

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