The Marathon

Playing Catchup, Glutes and other Important Stuff

27 January, 2017


I have neglected my running blog of late, I seem to have way too much to do each day. It may have something to do with marathon training….it can get quite hectic. On weekends after our long (read super-long) runs I would normally do a bit of blogging, a bit of photography, catch up on the latest Banting news etc. Now I tend to lie on my bed whimpering “WTF am I doing?”

Maritzburg Marathon is now only four weeks away and we have been working hard for this thing. In my never ending quest to be the Usain Bolt of Cedarville Flats, I am also doing strengthening classes – fast runners have strong core muscles and insanely good glutes.

I have been looking at the bums of good runners (no, not in a creepy way) and they engage those glutes to propel them along at speeds that I can only wish for. My glutes on the other hand just sit there and wonder what they are meant to be doing. So that is what I am working on, along with a few sadistic women who keep me honest! I need seriously strong junk in my trunk!

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