Perfect Morning

9 January, 2015


The perfect morning for a run!   And my running life is pretty much perfect at the moment.   No, I haven’t cracked the sub-5 marathon and, no,  I haven’t qualified for Comrades.   And nor have I qualified to upgrade my half entry to an ultra entry at Two Oceans.   And my left hammy still niggles.

BUT, my other half (better half some would say), who has, for years, told me that he would rather shoot himself in the foot than take up running,  has started running with me!   He suddenly announced on New Years Eve that he would join me in the morning for my New Years run.

We’ve done five runs together so far, starting with a run/walk pattern of 3 minutes, one minute and graduating to 4:1 for 8 kilometres.   He’s fairly fit, being an avid hiker and enduro rider,  so building up distance shouldn’t be too hard.

But here’s the real excitement for me.   This weekend it’s our first race of the year – the Hilton Harriers 16km Ronnie Davel  – and we’re going to attempt it together!  We’ll take it easy – it’s double the distance he’s done so far – but I am soooo looking forward to crossing that line together.   I have spent too many years wistfully watching couples finishing races together and now its my turn.



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