Onwards and Upwards

2 March, 2016

We were given a really nice shirt at Maritzburg Marathon – inspiring words! I have to add that six of my 16 marathons have been run here, the other 10 all around South Africa, and Maritzburg still remains the very best marathon. Whether you are fast and hoping for a PB, or hoping to qualify for the Big C by the skin of your teeth, or just simply hoping for a good day out, this is a fabulous course.

I did not conquer the Sub-5 Beast, the wily swine! But I did take 13 minutes off last months marathon time. I’m now down to 5:26 mat-t0-mat.

We go into battle again in a mere two and a half weeks at Verulam. I’ll be ready. This time I am armed with my own personal pacer and my own personal magic potion dispenser! I will draw the line at blood transfusions though.

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