Mastering the Hedgehog

21 March, 2021

spiked yoga dome for practicing the hedgehog

Mastering a hedgehog ( a purple one at that) is more difficult than it sounds. Every day, at least twice, one has to stand on said hedgehog, no shoes, one leg and balance. The goal is to remain balanced without holding on to anything for 30 seconds on each leg. I can only manage 15 seconds (just) and, no, this is definitely not the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Hedgehogs. It is the Society for Whipping the Ass of the Hedgehog.

Now let me elaborate how I got from being a fairly genteel runner to being a Hedgehog Crusher. My Comrades Project Partner and I had the wind taken out of our sails when our goal was whisked away. But, no matter, we set other goals.

Hers is a marathon in May and mine is a Backyard Ultra just around the corner. But the Running Gods were obviously not happy with us (or was it the Hedgehog Gods?)

First I was struck down by a mysterious stomach bug that caused a stomach so sore that running became a problem. Drama queen that I am I was convinced that it was either appendicitis or cancer of the bowel.

No sooner than that drama blew over, my right foot became EXTREMELY sore. I could not run for two weeks until I went to the doc who ruled out gout with a blood test and then referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in feet. She gave me some magic tablets and I could start trotting around the hood again.

I have yet to see the specialist but very much hope that he himself is a runner and sees the importance of NOT RESTING. Some more magic tablets are called for here as it is less than two weeks to the Backyard Ultra.

Now my Project Partner’s story is even more woeful because she fell hard during a run and sprained her ankle. This involves 6 weeks of no running, the poor child. She will hopefully resume running mid April and run her marathon mid-May. She can do it, I know, as she has a huge base to work off, but I’m sure she knows it won’t be her best marathon ever.

And this is where the hedgehog came in, introduced to us by my PP’s physio. Its purpose is to strengthen all the muscles in the legs but especially the ankles. And I’m sure its prickles do a lot for my bad circulation. Now we just need to find something to balance my mind - and no, I’m not doing a headstand on the hedgehog.

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