Marathon week is here!

25 June, 2014

Marathon week!  I’m doing a mini-taper running wise but haven’t cut my gym classes.  Last night we had a step class and I think I may have been a bit over-enthusiastic – I do love step!  This morning my left hip is sore, something I haven’t had for a while.  I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 5km just to keep the legs ticking over for Sunday and, of course, it didn’t do the hip any good.  “Unscheduled rest” is something that most runners fail to understand, especially me.   It could be a foreign language, for all I know – maybe Peruvian for “lets be obsessive”. Anyway, time on the treadmill with an ache in the hip gave me the opportunity to think about anti inflammatory pills.  It’s so tempting when faced with something that could become an injury to pop a couple of tablets.  But lately I have come to  believe in the amazing ability of our bodies to heal themselves, if left alone.  Popping pills messes with the bodies ability to heal itself – confuses it, so to speak. But for the body to heal itself it needs to be fed the right type of food – and that, I am convinced, is done by following the Prof Noakes regime of low carb, high fat aka Banting.  I’ve been eating this way for 6 months now and I feel on top of the world – amazing increase in energy levels.   I also believe that the complete lack of sugar and minimal carbs (mostly veg) leads to less inflammation in the body.   For Sunday’s marathon I will have my normal creamy coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a handful of nuts, no gels, sugary drinks etc.  I’ll carry some nuts as well in case I get peckish – after all us geriatric tortoises are on the road for a long time! This is where my sore hip comes in.  I’m going to eat right and leave my body to heal itself – no anti-inflammatory tabs. Let’s see what Sunday brings……

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